Ali Zafar’s Letter On Mahira Khan’s Viral Photo Is The Strongest Thing You'll See On Internet Today...

Blog By suhas  |  24-09-17

Hats Off Ali...

#4 On Twitter

#4 On Twitter

Ranbir and Mahira created a lot of controversy with their viral pictures of smoking with each other. Almost everyone had an issue with the pictures of both the stars smoking so openly.

Fans simply bashed Mahira and called her names on Twitter.

#3 This Tweet

So here's one of the tweets that bashed Mahira Khan left, right and centre. This is Brutal and not cool.

#2 One More

Here';s another one. People are just bashing Mahira for this picture as if smoking is a huge crime.

Ali Zafar though came into Mahira's defense and posted an open letter to the world.

#1 The Open Letter

Here's the open letter by Ali Zafar. The man is making a lot of sense and is talking correct. WHy are we so concerned about a woman smoking? Hypocrisy is the word we are looking for!

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