8 Simple Reasons Why Men Avoid Ideal Women

Blog By mariam  |  21-10-17

Know these important reasons

#8 Self Sufficient

#8 Self Sufficient

Modern-day girls are all self-made and self-sufficient. They are strong and confident and are the last people who would require ‘protection’ from men.
My friend is 25. She is a very nice girl, smart and well educated, a good dresser with a great job. She loves spending time with her friends in bars and at concerts. Guys really like her, but nonetheless, she is still single.

Why? Because she has a cool head, and she knows exactly who should be with her. She’d never start a new relationship ”Just so I’m not alone“ or “Just to give it a try.” That’s why the majority of guys are labeled ”Dismissed” either from the first sight or right after the first date.

#7 Time Is Precious

#7  Time Is Precious

The new age women do not waste time if a guy doesn’t seem to be good marriage material. They make quick decisions and move on. If when you are dating you realize it is not going anywhere you can as well move on than waste time on that relationship.

That’s why some girls in their 30s have already been married, divorced, married again, given birth, and started planning another wedding, while some still can’t give the green light to the first date.

#6 Made-Up Complexes

#6 Made-Up Complexes

Yes, this exists. If we have to cite examples, A curvy gal can easily wear leopard print leggings and feel good about herself, whilst a tall girl with slender legs won’t even consider wearing a miniskirt. So it is essential for women to learn to raise their self-esteem.

#5 Just A Wife?

#5 Just A Wife?

“Personally, I want a woman who can take care of me and take care of things around the house. I don’t want anybody who is going to be looking for attention every time we go out,” one of the guys on the internet was quoted. And other men seem to agree with him.

#4 Being Alone

#4 Being Alone

When women are too focussed on being alone, trying too hard and, as a result, look desperate. Their only focus happens to be to get married, but, in fact, they’re focused on their loneliness. This will make the guy run in the opposite direction.

These women on their first date, show the wedding dress they are going to wear or mentally plans their honeymoon or tries to impress the guy with their honesty by going on and on about maybe her ovarian cyst surgery, then definitely their first date is going to be their last one.

#3 The Wrong Guys

#3 The Wrong Guys

Six years after my graduation I was introduced to a married man. We became friends, but I always felt this special bond between us. One day he confessed that he and I studied at the same university, and he really liked me back then.

When I asked him why he hadn’t done anything about it, he said, “You looked so inaccessible, the most beautiful girl in the whole university. I knew you turned down even the most popular guys, so how could I compete with them? I thought you wouldn’t even look at me.”

#2 The Fear

#2  The Fear

Relationships are based on trial and errors methods and woman should not shun that. Most often than not, women can accidentally miss the “right” person, when she ignores one opportunity after another.

Its a myth for a girl to think that she’ll know it’s him the second she sees him, but it doesn’t work this way.

#1 No Miss Perfect

#1   No Miss Perfect

My husband’s ex-was such a “Miss Perfect.“ She was pretty and smart, and her zest for life was so inspiring. I heard him say that it wasn’t just a crush, but he was crazy about her. It was killing me. I tortured myself with one single question: ”What does he see in me?“

Right before our wedding, I decided to ask him. He shrugged. “It was complicated because she was too perfect,” he said. ”Take us, for example, okay? We wake up early, but if we want we can get out of our bed in the evening or leave the dirty plates right beside our bed if we want to. We just know nothing terrible will happen to us if we do. But she was crazy about having everything done perfectly. You know, the perfectionist syndrome. So I said, “No, thank you!” “

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