8 Airport Secrets Any Traveler Should Know.

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These Secrets will seriously stun you all for sure.

#8 Hong Kong International Airport

Airports are the first thing we see once we land in a different country. These days the infrastructure of the airports have changed. There are a lot of modern airports which provide the much-needed comfort and entertainment. So here we bring you a list of secrets which would come in handy in airports.

You have free temporary exhibits which take place in intervals around the year providing tours for both children and adults. They have the biggest UA IMAX theater which shows both 2D and 3D movies with a seating capacity of 350. And all this for $10.

Space for some Art too..

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#7 Kloten Airport, Zurich

#7 Kloten Airport, Zurich

It is known for being one of the busiest airports in the world, it helps provide travelers with an opportunity to see air trips from another angle.They arrange for guided tours which will let you experience the airport facilities up close and also the experienced guides take you to the ‘secret places’. Also, the cost of the tour is CHF 10, varying hugely on the discounts provided and it’s no charge for children.

#6 Changi International Airport, Singapore

Changi Airport is a haven for nature lovers as it comprises of a botanical garden, sunflower, cactus, and orchid gardens, as well as a pond with exotic fish and a butterfly garden.A roof with a pool and spectacular view and two terminals of free cinema. So, what more can a traveler ask for?

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#5 Incheon International Airport, Seoul

An exotic airport which represents what the country South Korea has to offer. It’s entertainment helps you familiarize with the local culture. The traditional rituals, crafts, and music are all for free. And it also has a skating rink for the complete family.

#4 Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

#4 Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

This airport is a temple for all those book lovers. There is a complete library with thousands of books, catalogs, and a reading hall. A cup of coffee will provide you an excellent company here.

#3 Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Munich

#3 Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Munich

This airport has the famous Airbrau brewery which provides a tour for all even teenagers although they are not allowed tasting. The price varies from $8-$10. It also happens to host real surf festival where you can sign up for surfing classes.

#2 Dubai International Airport

A place for entertainment, leisure and fun. With an area of 18,000 square yards, Dubai Airport has it all. The duty-free stores, regular lotteries and the Arab luxury. Not a bad place to be stranded.

#1 Airport Behaviour

#1 Airport Behaviour

To make the airport security checks a little less unpleasant, follow the below mentioned. Dont book the flights when airports are the busiest like on a weekend. Check in your baggage at home, or travel with hand luggage only. Make sure your bags comply with size/weight restrictions and safety regulations of both the country of departure and the country of arrival.

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