When IAS officer Who Met Narendra Modi wearing Black shades will make your day!

Blog By mariam  |  22-07-17

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#4 Mr Amit Kataria

#4 Mr Amit Kataria

IAS Amit Kataria who got popular last year after he met PM Narendra Modi wearing black shades is again in the news.
This time for the right reason. Mr Amit is given a government notice for wearing black shades has now got reward by Narendra modi for his honesty and efficient work.

#3 PM Modi

#3  PM Modi

The Fearless and Honest Officer Mr kataria has always bought administrative efficiency in the areas wherever he has been transferred.

Amit always ensured that the administration works round the clock and transform the societal structure.
He was the collector of Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh before PM Modi gave him a role at the centre.

#2 New Post

#2 New Post

Mr kataria’s hard work with honesty and positive results has now rewarded with a Biggest role at Ministry of Urban Development, with the government promoting him to the rank of L&DO..Land and Development Officer of New Delhi.

#1 Achievements

Mr Amit Gave this news on Facebook and informed about his New post which he Achieved. His honesty has been rewarded and there is no doubt that he would prove to be an efficient officer at the Ministry.

Good work brings in good results especially after the last 2 months officers getting transferred for raising their voice against corruption.

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