Watch: This Girl From Pakistan Sang Gayatri Mantra Before Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif In Karachi

Blog By suhas  |  18-03-17

The result is unbelievable...

#3 India & Pakistan

#3 India & Pakistan

Our relationship with our neighboring country isn't in a very cordial state. A few harming social activities have played a major role in the deterioration of our relationship.

We live in a country with people following different religion. People following Islam constitute a major part of our country, but what about the Hindus in Pakistan?

#2 The Holi Celebration

#2 The Holi Celebration

The reality is that we have no idea about the fellow Hindu's in Pakistan and what are they upto in that country. Ever wondered how they celebrate Indian festivals there?

To celebrate Holi, the Hindus of Karachi invited their PM Nawaz Shariff for celebrations. The highlight of the show? A girl named Narodha Malni who sang Gayatri Mantra.

Keep reading ahead to see the video.

#1 The Video

Here's the video of the amazing Gayatri Mantra by this girl from Pakistan. Everyone enjoyed this Mantra and looked very intrigued. The PM himself applauded the effort.

You need to watch this video. Take a look.

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