Viral Video! Home Made Washing Machine In Worth Rs_______. You Can Easily Wash Small Clothes In This Machine Very quick!

Blog By mariam  |  03-06-17

This Machine is a magic see inside how it is made.

#3 People Who Face Problems

#3 People Who Face Problems

Bachelors have to face difficulties in many things if they are studying or living away from home, they have to rush to laundary. So many DIY videos are available on the Internet for such people.

Now if Baba Randachoddas of Three Idiots was to be made in every kind of machine at home, what else would others do?

See How It is made ahead

#2 It Is Worth To Buy For A Kid Also

In the washing machine at home will cost at least 300 and maximum 1000 rupees. It depends on what method you choose to make a washing machine.

Now see, there will be two advantages in making this washing machine in this manner. One, it can be made in the cheapest, two big buckets, a suction cup, a rope, a drill machine or a nail and a hammer.

Using a washing machine like this, your muscles will also become. How is that? See yourself in this video


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#1 Washing Machine Using Bucket

Now, in the third way, it is a hightech washing machine that will give you a full loaded washing machine experience. Now see, it is clear that washing machine is to be made, but it will be made with different washtube and dryer, this is a bit trickier process. Seeing the video itself will understand.

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