VIRAL: This Cheap Man Tried To Record This Girl's Video Secretly. What This Girl Did Next Will Make You Clap!

Blog By mariam  |  17-05-17

After watching this viral video you all will be proud of this girl...Hatsoff!

#3 One more Case

#3 One more Case

One More Shocking case against women privacy, a man was capturing video recording of a young girl in his mobile phone.

Uma Mageswari, an Indian lady living in Singapore. Uma boarded the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to Harbourfront. At that time a man came and seated himself on the seat just opposite to her. After some time he took out his phone and started taking video secretly of her.

But that cheap man didn’t realize that his video was getting reflected in mirror just behind him.

#2 Pervert Man

#2 Pervert Man

Uma then herself recorded his video and later showed it to the police and filed an FIR against him. That pervert was very casually zooming on Uma and trying to see her clothes and reacting cheap.

Uma then uploaded a video on facebook and shared her horrific incident.

Check Out The video and see what this cheap man was trying to do

#1 Viral Video

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