Unbelievable! ‘One-in-625-Million’ Baby Who Grew OUTSIDE The Womb In Her Mom’s Abdomen. Watch Video!

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This child is an angel.... WOW!

#3 Ectopic Pregnancy

#3 Ectopic Pregnancy

A Russian mother has recently given birth to a healthy baby girl who actually grew up outside the womb. Ten doctors carried out the “high-risk” emergency surgery and successfully welcomed the “one in 625 million” baby into the world.

It’s ones of the rarest cases of an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself in a place other than inside the uterus. “There are not more than a dozen such cases in the world,” Surgeon Vladimir Borovkov, deputy head doctor at Altai Regional Prenatal Centre, Barnaul, said The reporter

“Abdominal pregnancy happens and is not so rare, but the cases when the child survives at full term are almost unique,” Dr. Borovkov said. “The baby was conceived naturally, But the egg was implanted in an untypical place. The baby grew outside the uterus.”

#2 'Miracle Baby'

#2  'Miracle Baby'

The “miracle baby”, born in the Altai region of Siberia, will soon be the subject of a paper in a forthcoming medical journal.

The parents named the child as Veronika that means “faith in victory”. The miracle baby weighed 4.1 kilos (9.1 pounds) at birth.

“I felt the baby moving inside me and I was sure that all was normal. It was my first pregnancy and I was certain that it should be like this,” mother said “But when the time came and there were no contractions, I decided to check. After the scan I was urgently sent for surgery.”

Check out the shocking video ahead and see what doctor said

#1 Mother Thanked Doctor

#1 Mother Thanked Doctor

The grateful mother thanked the doctors for assisting her child’s safe delivery through the life-threatening surgery.

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