This LEAKED Old Video Of Narendra Modi And Indira Gandhi SHOOK the Entire Congress!

Blog By mariam  |  16-06-17

Shit! Its Unbelievable How can Modi Give Advice to Indira Gandhi.

#4 Indira Gandhi

#4 Indira Gandhi

As far as Indira Gandhi as a politician is concerned, she was indisputably far ahead of her times. Of course, she was a naturalist. She had a personal passion for nature to which she had come after a long love affair with....

Did Prime Minister Modi ever advise Indira Gandhi? What were they their discretion? Let's do a viral test of a photo being shared rapidly.

#3 Viral Picture

#3 Viral Picture

This photo is being given a lot of attention on social media. So was Modi really close to Indira Gandhi? Did Indira, Modi join the space program? 'Aaj Tak' has done viral tests to prepare the entire horoscope of this black and white picture.

See Further the picture is getting extreme viral.

#2 Modi With APJ abdul Kalam And Indira Gandhi

#2 Modi With APJ abdul Kalam And Indira Gandhi

A picture of Narendra Modi, who is seen with noted scientist and former President APJ Abdul Kalam and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, is becoming increasingly viral.

People are tweeting it, retweeting it and sharing it. The team of 'Aaj Tak' did a complete investigation of this picture and then the shocking truth came out.

This black and white picture is going viral which shows that the scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam, is informing Indira Gandhi of any space program, which Indira Gandhi is understanding with great diligence, and she is standing near her young man Narendra Modi. The tweeting picture says that Narendra Modi used to help in the ISRO program since his adolescence.

Check out the shocking video ahead which will prove you

#1 Viral Video

See how they look together and discussing the about the Space Program.

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