This Is What Akshay Kumar Did For Indian Soldiers On PM Modi's Appeal. Heartwarming!

Blog By suhas  |  23-12-16

This will bring tears in your eyes...

#3 Indian Army

#3 Indian Army

A lot has been going in the Indian Army lately. Uri attacks have again united the entire country against our neighbor country and we can't thank our army men enough for protecting us all the time.

Surgical attacks by Indian army in Pakistan means that our border atmosphere is not going to be peaceful anymore. Because of this, our army men are in tremendous stress.

#2 #Sandesh2Soldiers

#2 #Sandesh2Soldiers

In order to release this stress and tension from our soldier's mind, our PM launched a special campaign "#Sandesh2Soldiers" on Sunday. With this campaign, Mr. Modi has requested all the citizens of the country to send their blessings and messages to our beloved soldiers, who always miss their families and celebrations on such occasions.

Our Bollywood superstars are the first ones to abide the campaign. Our beloved Khiladi has recorded a very emotional message for our soldiers that'll surely bring tears in your eyes.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

You can send the messages via and NaMo app. The expected reach is around 10 crore people and this campaign would be on till Diwali. Akshay Kumar's message is going viral for all the right reasons.

We urge you to participate in this campaign by sending inspirational messages to our soldiers. Checkout Akshay Kumar's message here.

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