This Guy Used Google Autocomplete To Write His Resume And What Happened Next After His Resume Got Revealed Will Impress You All!

Blog By mariam  |  06-07-17

His CV is Going Viral All over the world.

#4 Sumukh Mehta's CV

#4 Sumukh Mehta's CV

Every time I think of something smart to write on my resume, but I end up writing random things! But I have learned this the hard way that going above and beyond definitely pays off.

Remember Sumukh Mehta, who made an absolutely outstanding 20-page resume for himself which gave him a job at GQ magazine.

There was Katie Simon's resume, that landed her an interview with Google, BuzzFeed, and more than 20 top startups!

#3 Twitter Account!

Joining the same league here's TechnicallyRon! Not your ordinary guy, TechnicallyRon used Google Autocomplete to write his resume and it turned out to be pretty funny and interesting.

#2 Interesting Reply

#2 Interesting Reply

And so it's obvious to say that when he shared it on Twitter, a lot of people began retweeting, liking and adoring it like a piece of art.

Some even got back to him with their own versions of auto complete resumes.

Last resume is extremely hilarious check out

#1 Hilarious CV

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