This Amazing Women's Day Message By Virat Kohli To Every Women In The World Will Make You Cry. Respect!

Blog By rashmi  |  08-03-17

Respect For Virat kohli...

#3 Virat Kohli

#3 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is possibly one of the most popular faces in India. Be it his aggression on field or his generosity off the field, the man is adored by millions.

His love for Anushka Sharma isn't hidden by anyone. And today, the respect for this couple has increased even more.

#2 Women's Day

#2 Women's Day

Today, on the occasion of women's day, everyone is trying to put out their message and is talking about women empowerment and women rights. Somewhere down the line, all the wishes are dying out but Virat's wish will end up being Virat forever.

He had a very simple wish that ended up touching everyone's heart.

Keep reading ahead to see his wishes.

#1 The Wish

The man wished the love of his life, HIS MOM and his companion (rumored), ANUSHKA SHARMA together. Now this is an ideal man. Wishing both the women together with equal amount of love.

No wonder people loved his wish so much. Respect for Kohli!

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