The Note Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Wrote Before She Killed Herself Is Very Disturbing.

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Its very heart touching.

#5 It’s got to be a Suicide

#5  It’s got to be a Suicide

Jim Carrey was in a relationship with White after his separation from Jenny McCarthy. Everyone thought it to be a fairy tale but this sweet love story came to a brutal end when White’s dead body was found in their Los Angeles home.

After proper interrogation and investigation, police concluded that it was a suicidal act with an overdose of sleeping pills, heart medicines, and painkillers. Jim was very close to her family and he was also a pallbearer at her funeral

#4 Carrey and Lawsuit

#4   Carrey and Lawsuit

There were lawsuits filed against Jim Carrey after the suicide, one of which was filed by White’s husband. Carrey did not know that she was married to an American named Mark Burton. According to the lawyers, this marriage was a way for White to live in the country.

The lawsuit claimed that one of the pills that were found in the dead body was provided by Carrey to White. Her Mother also filed the lawsuit saying that White got STD from Carrey.

#3 After Separation

#3   After Separation

In 2015 Jim Carrey and White got together again. They had a dispute which led to the separation. But all was sorted and they decided not to get married but stay together which brought them closer.

#2 Why Separated

#2 Why Separated

Back to the days when they were in a relationship, they decided to get married and get the prenuptial done. Jim thought that marriage was a convenient way to live together and a legal way for White to be a part of the country without getting deported. So he decided to hire an immigration attorney to find a way out to settle down without getting married. This decision made White angry and bitter

#1 Truth from the Note

#1  Truth from the Note

White mentioned that Jim dreadfully threw her into Debauchery. She got addicted to drugs, prostitutes, mental abuse, and disease. She got STD like herpes and HPV because of him. He also mentally abused her. Jim neither supported her nor did he apologized for the kind of lifestyle he put her into.

The actual reason will remain unknown but this situation has left everyone in sad and clueless.

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