Javed Jaffrey At The Age Of 54 Is On A Mission To Transform Himself!

Blog By mariam  |  06-12-17

His dedication is very inspiring.

Iconic Roles Of Javed

Iconic Roles Of Javed

Javed Jaffrey birthday was on 4th December, may he live longest and stay strongest. He is 54 now and he has entertained us all these years in various films and we still remember his iconic roles.

Fitness Freak

Apart from acting and politics he is interested in some other hobby now, Jaffrey is lifting weights in the gym. He is a fitness freak and hitting the gym at this age. It's very inspiring for all lazy people out there.

Toned Body!

Toned Body!

In this black and white shirtless picture he is looking extremely hot. He looks completely transformed. Omar Abdullah became the 11th youngest CM of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Even he couldn't resist and asked about his diet plans and workout pattern.


Javed became popular from the dance reality show Boogie Woogie and Takeshi's Castle. For this fantastic transformation, Jaffrey went through healthy gym session and controlled diet plan for 4 months. His 8 packs abs received lots of appreciation on twitter.

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