Harsh Reality!This Video About The Life Of Children In Our Country Will Make You Speechless.

Blog By diksha  |  12-06-17

These are children and yet so different from each other.Have a look yourself.

#3 Children A Gift Of God

#3 Children A Gift Of God

Children are said to be gift of gods and here we see them doing there cute like activities.They are treated like little angels and people say they are blessed to have them.

Well a reality check is required now.People just love their own children,but the poor kids on streets what about them?

Child Labor is one such fact that one cannot deny in our country like India.We see them day to day small kids working in restaurants ,tea stalls,in buildings,vegetable markets etc.

There is something more to it.Keep reading.

#2 Child Labor

#2 Child Labor

Children are still suffering from child labor,as there is a society having kids going to school,playing around,living a normal life.On the contrary,there is a side where child is earning an income for family.

Children need their rights to enjoy their childhood.They shouldn't be asked to work at this tender age.

Well this video will show you the reality of today's world for a child in two different aspects.

#1 So Different

This video will show you the harsh truth I was talking about the entire time.

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