Fitness Tips Of This Gorgeous Woman Will Inspire You, But Under Supervision!

Blog By mariam  |  12-10-17

Know the secret!

#4 Sunny In Splits-villa

#4 Sunny In Splits-villa

Sunny Leone the name itself is a happiness for all whether its an item song or anchoring the show. Sunny never fails to disappoint us when it comes to fitness. The secret behind her sexy curves is her exercise.

Recently, Sunny is busy in hosting with splits-villa season 10. She is an entertaining package and a spark of the show.

#3 Don't Try At Home!

Sunny has also released a DVD of her workout named ‘Super Hot Sunny Mornings’ and its not easy exercise at all to try at home.

It takes 30-45 minutes cardio for Sunny to keep herself fit and beautiful with a mix of yoga and weight training.

#2 Hard Work Can Come Out With A Bang!

She mix both spinning and yoga. When we asked about her diet plan she said, she has a cook who makes healthy meal for her everyday.

Here we can see a lady with Sunny, she is a hairstylist of her, doing yoga together.

So hard but @jeetihairtstylist and I did it! Thanks @jillianmichaels

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#1 After Leg Crushing Session.

Cute Sunny shared a video after doing leg crushing session while hanging on rope.

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