Breaking News! This Video Of 16 Girls Is Heartbreaking. Police Is Extremely Shocked.

Blog By mariam  |  19-05-17

Check out the horror video which will stun you all!

#3 Dance Bar And Mumbai Share A Same Bond

#3 Dance Bar And Mumbai Share A Same Bond

It seems that the dance bar and Mumbai have become a close bond. There are many laws, such a strictness, action, but the condition is similar to that.

Even today, dance bars in Mumbai are brightened with lights in the evening. If the case was just for dance bars, it might not be so easy. There are many committees for this, many debates, many rules were made, many punishments were fixed, but even today, dance bars in Mumbai are running from Dhaladalai.

Right now, police raid in Borivali in Mumbai and what was seen was really shocking.

#2 The Mason Bar

#2 The Mason Bar

These 16 girls were kept in a secret basement which was made in the kitchen of the mason bar. In this basement there was no lights, even a person could not stand straight. There were no windows nothing was there.

All these things when police saw they all were stun by looking at the condition of the place where these 16 girls were kept together.

Check out the video ahead which is extremely shocking. shit

#1 16 Girls Were Hid In A Small Room Made In Kitchen

Yes, you read it perfectly, there was a scavenger cellar in the kitchen of the Mason Bar. He Hide 16 girls like animals in One Small Place.

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