Akshay Kumar Co-Star Savi Sidhu Is Working As Watchman, Gets Support From Rajkumar Rao And Anurag Kashyap

Blog By mariam  |  20-03-19

He did films such as Gulaal, Black Friday and Patiala House

In Films

In Films

Actor Savi Sidhu, who did small-small roles in the Bollywood films like Gulaal, Black Friday and Patiala House, has been trending after his interview to Film Companion.

He Opened Up About His Job

He Opened Up About His Job

In Parel's building he is working as a watchman and there is video in which he says he wanted to take a break from acting due to his health. Savi Sidhu said after the break, he found it difficult to rejoin the film industry and is currently working as a watchman to improve his financial condition.

Rajkumar Rao Tweet

He is very inspired by his struggling story , sp he will ask his industry friends to caste him in a project.

Anurag Kashyap

Savi Sidhu featured in minor roles like in the first film of Anurag Kashyap cast him in Paanch. He then starred in an important role in 2004 film Black Friday - Savi Sidhu played the role of Commissioner Samra.

Further he also said

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