97 Year Old Mother Of PM Narendra Modi Dancing In Diwali Going Viral On Social Media!

Blog By mariam  |  20-10-17

Kiran Bedi Shared This Video On Twitter!

#4 All About Modi;s Mother

#4 All About Modi;s Mother

Mother of PM Narendra modi dancing in the festival of diwali is the most encouraging and enthusiastic thing to be watched. Diwali is all about happiness and fun which we can see through her dance.

Narendra Modi's mother was a good support for the demonitisation as she stood in a queue for exchanging money for Rs 4500. this is the first time she is seen in different avatar as she is enjoying garba during Diwali.

#3 Kiran Bedi's Love For her

#3 Kiran Bedi's Love For her

Puducherry's Deputy Governor Kiran Bedi has shared an Amazing video of her. This will truly inspire you all. At this age also she is quite comfortable dancing in front of the camera.

Watch ahead the outstanding video of Hiraben Modi and what Kiran Bedi have wrote about her is simply amazing.

#2 Superb Video

Bedi shared the video and wrote, "At the age of 97, the enthusiasm of Diwali is worth seeing. This is PM Narendra Modi's mother Hiraben who is celebrating Diwali in her house".

#1 Tweets

This time many users have given their own responses to the viral video.

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