The First Appearance Of Nick And Priyanka After Getting Married Is Out Now!

Blog By fatema  |  03-12-18

Hope You Don't Miss Our Nayinaveli Dulhan Priyanka Chopra With Her Sindoor

Nick And Priyanka's Wedding

Deepika and Ranveer are still not finished with their celebration and another celebration took place in B-town. It was Priyanka and Nick's wedding.

Newly Wedded Jodi

Now the couple are happily married and their first picture after the wedding has arrived and both of look stunningly excellent with each other in their newly wedded attires.

Sindur And Laal Chooda

She looked very pretty with her green sari and laal chooda and sindur and trendy shades on her eyes and Nick wore brown colour trendy shirt and pant.

The Colour

Priyanka Chopra's in-laws, Saas and sasurji were also seen, her saasuji was seen wearing a one peace with blue and white lines and sasurji was seen matching his colour with her bahu Priyanka's sari, green.

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