Shah Rukh Khan Just Proved That He Is The Real King Of The Bollywood

Blog By fatema  |  27-02-19

He Proved That He Truly Respects And Values His Fans

Shah Rukh Khan Values His Fans

Shah Rukh Khan Values His Fans

Shah Rukh Khan has always ruled over millions of hearts and he has always valued all those millions of hearts of his fans. He always takes the love of his fans like a blessing.

His Tweet

Recently a fan named, Amit kept tweeting Shah Rukh Khan 143 times and due to few reasons Shah Rukh Khan could not see the tweet of that particular fan and when he saw he immediately reacted to the tweet.

His video

Finally, when Shah ERukh did not respond to his tweets he decided to make a video featuring him, his brother and mother in which he expressed his love for Shah Rukh Khan and requested to meet them.

Shah Rukh Khan's Response

Shah Rukh Khan when saw this video finally he took no time to reply and he also apologized for replying late. Shah Rukh said, Sorry Amrit I hadn’t seen your video. Please give my regards to mummyji & I will figure out & speak to RAJU soon.

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