Saif Ali Khan Reveals One Thing That Son Taimur Does Not Like About About Momma Kareena Kapoor Khan

Blog By fatema  |  07-02-19

Saif made it sound all so much adorable

Taimur Is Paparazzi's Favourite

Taimur has always been in the news for his cute looks and he is paparazzi's favourite kid. Recently father Saif Ali Khan spoke about Taimur's likes and dislikes regarding his parents, i.e Saif and Kareena.

Taimur Has No Problems With Saif's Looks

Taimur Has No Problems With Saif's Looks

On likes and dislikes, he spoke and he said that Taimur never had any problem with the changes of his looks and transformations. recently he was seen in dreadlocks and a beard for his upcoming film. Taimur is quite ok with his father's looks.

He Spoke About Taimur

He said, “It doesn't seem to bother him. He also came to set when I was playing a Naga sadhu for Navdeep Singh and I had the dreadlocks and the beard... but nothing. I think he doesn't like to see his mother wearing make up, but he doesn't seem to care so much in my case.”

Saif akes It Soud More Adorable

Taimur's every picture and move is loved by the audience and both his parents Kareena and Saif keep talking about their kid and Saif sharing all these details about his son is more adorable.

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