Priyanka Chopra Gave An Awesome Reply To The Anchor When She Asked About Indians Ability Of Speaking English. Proud Of Her!

Blog By mariam  |  14-05-17

Check Out the amazing video inside and see how priyanka reply her.

#3 Priyanka In Hollywood

#3 Priyanka In Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra is at the top of her career. She is totally on fire. Priyanka has won millions of heart with her beauty and talent. She has beauty with brains. She has proved herself in India as well as outside India.

Priyanka once again on Chelsea Handler’s talk show. After rocking Ellen DeGeneres show and walking on red carpet.

Desi Girl is known for her excellent dressing sense. She was looking gorgeous as always in a white dress. During this interview, Priyanka was dwelling on her past. While answering to the anchor’s various questions, she had a blast throughout the show.

#2 Priyanka to Handler

#2 Priyanka to Handler

Priyanka told Handler that she came to America for the first time when she was 12 year old.

However, anchor had no idea about this story of Indians who can speak English. So she asked Priyanka if she knew English when she came to America for the first time.

She said that 10% of the Indians can speak English fluently which is close to 1.3 million people. This number is more than many countries population.

Check out the video ahead

#1 See Her Reply

“Yes, I knew English that time. In fact, I will like to tell a fact to all the people present here. Approximately 10% of the Indian population speaks English which is close to 1.3 Million people. This number is even larger than the entire population of certain countries. So the next time you go to India, you will come across people who speak proper English.” said Priyanka

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