MS Dhoni Asks Daughter Ziva 'How Are You'In Five Different Languages, Her Replies Are Terrific!

Blog By mariam  |  25-03-19

Father-Daughter Combo in the inside video

Bollywood, actor, actress, ads,music, life, family, films, cricket

Bollywood, actor, actress, ads,music, life, family, films, cricket

Ziva Dhoni is a new sensation on internet after Taimur Ali Khan. MS Dhoni’s latest video with his daughter, Ziva Dhoni is creating a lot of buzz on social media.

Watch Video

Watch Video

In the video, Dhoni is asking Ziva, “How are you?” in five different languages - Tamil, Bangali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri and Punjabi, and Ziva giving bang on answer and will leave you mesmerized.

Hey, Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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Greetings in two language

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Ziva Making Dad Dhoni Dance

“It is a very different feeling, and I personally find it very difficult to put it in words. It is more of an emotion, and I feel I have not really missed a lot of things in life, but after a while when I am outside, after a few days, I actually start missing Ziva. Not to the extent that it starts bothering my cricket and all, but it is the first time ever when I feel, maybe I should Facetime to see what she is really doing.”Says Dhoni

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