Deepika Padukone Reveals Few Beauty Secrets Of Husband Ranveer Singh

Blog By fatema  |  21-02-19

She also said, he takes longer to get into bed!

Deepika and Ranveer Revealing Secrets

Deepika and Ranveer Revealing Secrets

Deepika and Ranveer recently got married in a big fat private wedding in Italy and the couple also hosted 3 reception for their wedding and they now keep talking about their relationships and keep revealing secrets about each other.

Deepika Said He Is Slow In Everything

Deepika recently shared one very interesting secret about Ranveer Singh, She spoke about how long he takes in everything as compared to her and she said it with all that smile and laugh on her face.

Deepika Spoke About Ranveer

She said, “He takes longer in the shower, longer in the loo, longer to get ready, longer to get into bed...” As the audience erupted in laughter, she clarified, “I said longer to get into bed.”

Their Films

Their Films

On the work front, Ranveer is busy celebrating his success with Deepika and others for his film, Gully Boy and on the other hand, Deepika is busy with her upcoming film, Chappak.

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