Deepika Padukone And Kareena Wears The Similar Dress

Blog By fatema  |  03-01-19

Both The Actresses Gave Different Twist And Made It Different

The Same Dress

Deepika and Kareena both have amazing dressing taste and it seems their taste have started matching with each other so much that they have started wearing the same dress. Deepika was recently seen copying the dress that Kareena wore a few months back.

Deepika's Dress

Though the dress was same Deepika gave her dress a new twist in her own style. She wore the similar shiny crystal body fitting dress. Deepika wore a blue colour sparkly dress and but she wore a bright neon-streaked jacket for making it look different and she completed her look with the dark eyeshadow makeup which made her look breathtaking like always.

Kareena's Dress

Kareena wore this dress in November for the Social Media Summit and Awards 2018. She wore the same version in white and but her dress was long and Deepika's dress was knee length and Kareena completed her look with the matching pairs of metallic heels.

Glamorous Divas

Glamorous Divas

They both wore the same dress and still looked so different with their little twist in their dress and fashion. they both nailed their looks in their own style and proved they are proper glamorous divas of B-Town.

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