Deepika Padukone And Her Mother's Emotional Ad Is Getting Viral On Internet

Blog By fatema  |  28-11-18

Deepika's Father Prakash Padukone Also Shared His Thoughts On The Ad

Deepika's Advertisement

Deepika's  Advertisement

Deepika Padukone is seen in her new advertisement for a toothpaste brand in which she is seen with her mother Ujjala Padukone in which her mother took her back to the days in which Deepika decided to come to Mumbai.

Her Mother Said In Ad

Her Mom says, "Putting her into badminton came very naturally because my husband is a national champion. She worked very hard to reach the state level. One morning she woke up and said I want to move to Bombay and I want to become an actor... so I said, Deepika I think you're dreaming. Go back to sleep."

Deepika Stood By Her Words

Deepika Stood By Her Words

Deepika also replied by saying"Ma, you just wait and see, one day I'll make you all proud" in the ad but in reality, she has achieved so much today and now she is happily married.

Deepika's Father Said

Deepika's Father Said

Deepika's father also shared his views on the ad and the memory. he said, "It was extremely difficult for us. We were very nervous because she was not even 18. She didn't have a place to stay. She was moving into a new field. At that time we felt she was too young to move out. But now when I look back, I think she did the right thing. Because in that profession, you need to start early".

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