BB13: Kashmera Shah Was Very Serious About Sidharth- Arti's Wedding And You Need To Know More

Blog By mariam  |  11-02-20

Even Krushna Is Involved

Final Week

Final Week

Bigg Boss is finally getting to an end after four long months, we saw many ups and downs in the house with contestants. This last Finale week is really important for fans and contestants too. Bigg Boss 13 is in its last week and fans are very excited to know who will win this time. The competition is really tough.

This season has been very controversial with contestants like Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Shehnaz Gill, Paras Chhabra, Aarti Singh and many others providing time to time drama and entertainment.



Sidharth has been linked with Deboleena, Rashami, very famous Shehnaaz, and Aarti. When Arti Singh's sister in law Kashmera entered the house, she tried to bring up a conversation about Arti and Sid’s marriage.

However, Arti Singh told Shah that she is not interested in Sidharth Shukla and they are just friends. She also said out temperament doesn't match with each other.

Krushna's Reaction

Krushna's Reaction

In a conversation with a famous portal, Kashmera Shah was asked what made her bring the matrimony between the Sidharth and Aarti and what was Krushna Abhishek’s reaction to it.

The actress said, “Krushna was happy that I took the initiative. Honestly, as a family, it has been a confusing time for us. We did not really understand what was happening between them.”

Kashmera further said,

“After the fun video on how Arti is around Sid all the time, I decided to ask her about it. Krushna supported me for the same but Arti had to give the final answer. I really got along with Sid but Arti flatly refused to say that she doesn’t see a partner in him.”

Ugly fight

When Kashemra entered the house, she asked Sidharth about Arti( ghadi)to make her understand. But Siddharth Said "Maine Already Ek Ghadhi Ko Samjaya hai" (Shehnaaz).

Recently, Sidharth and Arti had an ugly fight on not saving for the grand finale and both crossed their limit by saying F**k Off to each other. The dimension of both is getting weak.

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