BB 13: Siddharth-Rashami Recreates Famous Fry Pan Fight, It Is More Interesting Than Original- Funny Video

Blog By mariam  |  30-01-20

Madhurima-Vishal Might Be Impress

Epic FIght

Epic FIght

Bigg Boss 13 has been a very entertaining season until now. In this season we saw many fights between the contestant but the epic one was the only one which is Ex-couple Vishal and Madhurima's ugly fight. Vishal threw water on her face where Madhurima smashed Vishal's back with the pan.

She gave four strong attacks on the bum, Vishal suffered its after-effects for a few days later. Madhurima even got eliminated for the same.

Family Week Once Again

This week is again very entertaining for the viewers. All the close ones have entered the house for supporting their favorite contestants. Kashmera came for her sister-in-law Aarti, Vikas Gupta came for Siddharth, Devoleena for Rashami, Shefali Jariwala for Paras, and Himanshi for Asim.

Siddharth Shukla became the captain of the house and Bigg Boss announced the VIVO task where housemates have to recreate the famous scene of their fellow contestants that happened in the house.


The housemates are supposed to recreate some famous scenes that have happened in Bigg Boss 13. Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma enact Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla's flirty moments.

Shehnaaz and Vishal turn Mahira and Paras. The best is yet to come. Sidharth and Rashami show off their acting and imitate Vishal and Madhurima.

In the video, Sidharth throws water on Rashami and then she smack him with a pan. It's fun to watch Sidharth pulling off some bum moves for laughter.


Siddharth's Is Back

Siddharth is back in his comedy mood, even SidNaaz has patched up again and it is the best thing happening in the Bigg Boss house. We have also seen Kashmera asking Arti about Siddharth Shukla Whether she likes him or not.

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