BB 13: Post Eviction Madhurima Tuli Spoke About The Bedroom Secrets

Blog By mariam  |  21-01-20

Madhurima Interview opens up many things



We have seen much physical violence in the house and it is strictly not allowed to do but Madhurima's patients level was over and she gave the reaction of Vishal's action. She did hit Vishal with the frying pan continuously, and now it reminds Vishal whenever he sits somewhere. Madhurima was evicted during weekend Ka Vaar and many called her brutal and shocking.

Action Ka Reaction

Madhurima has now revealed that she was pushed to the edge by Vishal. Vishal instigates her and knows the weak point of her so he had been doing not just in the house, but also outside while the duo was dating each other.



In her recent conversation with media, Madhurima revealed that Vishal had beaten her up. “He has hit me various times but I always forgave him. I did not let it hamper my life or happiness as I loved him. Women forgive easily as they are in love and want to be together. I have always forgiven him. See, there are many relationships where people get physical while fighting.”

She further went on saying

“However, it happens inside four walls and people do not come to know. When it happens on national TV, it looks weird. Ladka marega, it is common but ladki maregi toh itni badi aafat aa gayee. (It is common for men to hit, but there was such brouhaha because a woman raised her hand.) I did not cause any physical damage, I just hit him on his butt.”

Salman Sir Support

Vishal constantly called me zero and failure in career, which made her furious and she took that step. She is not regreting and glad that things are over and the fact that Salman Khan himself realizes that Vishal had been poking her.

“I cried under my banket; I cannot show my feelings to the world. My parents taught me to be strong. This game is also about sympathy cards. Vishal knew it and played the game showing his emotions. If he truly loved me, he would have treated me better. I am glad Salman sir understood it.”

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