BB 13: Funniest Video, Arti Singh Becomes Ghost, Shehnaaz Jumps On Siddharth

Blog By mariam  |  04-02-20

You, Will, See for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss

Masti In The House

Masti In The House

We have seen contestants playing a prank, doing mimicry of co-contestants, playing games like Kho-Kho and Chinese Whisper. This time Siddharth, Paras, Mahira, and Arti created a Ghost prank against Shehnaaz, Rashami, and Asim to scare.

Trending Contestants

Trending Contestants

The show is getting interesting with each passing day. The Grand Finale is near and makers are trying to level high with more drama and entertainment in the house. Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Asim Riaz & Shehnaaz Kaur Gill have turned out to be the most trending ‘BB 13’ contestants on social media.


Siddharth, Arti, Paras, and Mahira makes a plan to spoil everyone’s sleep in the house, they create a ghost prank. Arti becomes the ghost, wears lots of powder on face and black dupatta on her head, slowly enters the captain room and scares Shehnaaz. The Punjabi girl shouts and jumps onto Siddharth, the video is hysterical, funniest video ever you all will see.


The best part of the video is when Shehnaaz jumps on Siddharth and he laughs on her. Later when Shehnaaz runs out of the captain’s room Sidharth tries to stop her from going out. While in the last session we saw Siddharth is consoling Shehnaaz when she is sobbing. Watch Video.

The Mall task

According to an entertainment portal, "With a few weeks left for the finale, the contestants will also be ready for one of the major and the most important activity which happens towards the end of the show. The activity is none other than the Mall Task wherein a few contestants will get the opportunity to visit the mall and witness the immense love they have been receiving from the audience." Revealing the same, sources told India Forums that, "The Mall Task might take place on 6th Feb.

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