What? This Twitter Conversation Between Ajay Devgan And Rohit Shetty Will Give You Chills. Too Excited!

Blog By suhas  |  15-03-17

A Holi Gift from Devgan and Shetty to the world. Take a look...

#3 Ajay-Rohit

#3 Ajay-Rohit

Back in 2006, Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devagan started a partnership and little did they know was that their partnership will go on to become the most adored partnership in the history of Indian cinema.

No prizes for guessing, I am talking about Golmaal. Since then, Ajay and Rohit have become very close friends.

#2 On The Birthday

#2 On The Birthday

On the occasion of Rohit Shetty's birthday, Ajay Devgan tweeted something and that tweet has gone viral for all the right reasons. No one was expecting Ajay or anyone for that matter to tweet this.

The tweet just spilled the beans of what is gonna excite the entire country like nothing else. You need to check this out.

Keep reading ahead to see what Ajay tweeted.

#1 The Tweet

So Ajay confirmed the news of the next Golmaal movie and tweeted a picture of the entire cast. Pariniti Chopra is the lead opposite Ajay Devgan and people can't just stop gushing about 'Golmaal Again' as they call it.

We can't wait to watch the new installment of Golmaal series.

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