Watch: This Is How SRK And Salman Reacted When Asked About Doing A Movie Together. GOOD NEWS?

Blog By suhas  |  06-12-16

Time to be happy. Or maybe not?

#3 Karan-Arjun

#3 Karan-Arjun

Whenever we talk about the best onscreen brother duo, the name that comes into our mind is Karan-Arjun. We saw our Karan Arjun As Rahul and Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as well.

But then, our favorite bromance couple on screen got separated so badly that we are still waiting to see them together again!

#2 SRK-Salman Together?

#2 SRK-Salman Together?

SRK and Salman hosted the Star screen awards together. While they were up on stage, everyone had the same question in their head, when will they do a movie together?

I am sure even you wanna know the answer of the same question. Finally after the show, a journalist asked both of them the same question to which their reaction was amazing. They gave a clear answer.

Keep reading ahead to know the answer.

#1 The Video

When asked about the chances of working together in future, Salman and SRK replied that this might happen very soon. In fact, they have a director in their mind as well.

They did not reveal the name of that director though. The interview was fun. You should see this. Checkout the video here.

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