This Is How Taapsee Pannu Replied To Her Bikini Trolls On Twitter!

Blog By Vignesh  |  15-09-17

Amazing Girl Power!

#4 Bikini Dress

#4 Bikini Dress

Taapsee has worn a blue bikini in the movie Judwaa 2 and this scene has been pretty viral all over the media.
This is a complete different Taapsee which people are getting to see.

#3 Hate Messages

#3 Hate Messages

And naturally people have started criticizing Taapsee for such a glamorous outfit and again have reared the ugly head of body shaming.

#2 Stand up for What Is Right

It is important to show people their places at times and this is what Taapsee did by bringing that man to his knees.

#1 Taapsee Brilliant

Taapsee replies brilliantly to this tweet by this absurd man.

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