That's A Shocker!Big B Angry On Sonam Kapoor For Not Replying To His Message.What Could That Be?

Blog By diksha  |  12-06-17

Well what happened that made Amitabh angry on Sonam will really surprise you.

#3 Big Stars

#3 Big Stars

Bollywood buzz is always on when any celebrity tweets something or the other about each other.The social media is attracted to such incidences.

Here is something bigger than of a small issue.Yes you might wonder how small things are making controversies in these celebs life.

Well we have here now the bollywood's Big B and Sonam Kapoor for some tweets which went viral on social media.

The scene ahead is more surprising.

#2 Angry Bachchan

#2 Angry Bachchan

The twitter is showing us the facts that what actually happened between the two.Their interaction is directly seen on social media.

Amitabh texted Sonam on her birthday to wish her which she did not reply back.And then there is such a fuzz about it.

The reply that Sonam gave will shock you.Keep reading.

#1 The Tweet

#1 The Tweet

Well he tried wishing her on her birthday and Sonam did not reply to his message,that's what made Amitabh upset.

But Sonam was extremely sorry for not replying and she replied saying she never received any text and had replied to bachchan junior for his wishes.

Well this is now controversial if she really did not receive his text or did ignore,Hard to say.

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