Shocking News From Karan Johar's Birthday Bash!Famous Actress,Sridevi's Daughter Tried To Hit On Ranbir Kapoor .

Blog By diksha  |  28-05-17

Well you will be surprised to know who she is and what happened at the party.

#3 Such An Important Gossip

#3 Such An Important Gossip

Bollywood celebs are like always wanna be around social media through new publicity either by a movie premiere,wedding and even huge birthday parties.

Well here was once again bollywood's grand celebration on Karan Johar's birthday where all the celebs were invited.

Among the crowd media found that various celebs came as well as Sridevi's daughter entered the party with all her charm.

What happened next will surprise you.

#2 A Party To Remember

#2 A Party To Remember

The party started with the bang and all the famous celebs were present there to wish Karan a very happy birthday.

There were many stars like Deepika,Katrina,Sharukh ,Saif,Anushka Sharma and Aditya Roy Kapoor who was accompanied by Ranbir Kapoor. Well they have been really good friends since quite long time,the last trio.

As they were talking at the party,something happened that would Surprise You.

Keep Reading to know what actually happened.

#1 The Incident

#1 The Incident

As the party was moving in it's flow,everyone was busy with their own stuff amongst there own groups.

Jhanvi Kapoor ,daughter of SriDevi was constantly trying to talk to Ranbir Kapoor.Though he was not interested cause he was busy with his friends.

She still tried to talk to him when he wasn't willing to talk.So awkward situation for her.Well she was actually trying to hit on him but failed attempt sources concluded.

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