Rajat Kapoor Insulted Sushant. This Is What He Replied

Blog By suhas  |  25-12-16

Sushant was spot on here...

#3 Rajat's Tweet

Ms. Dhoni: The untold story released recently and has already become the all time highest earning Bollywood Biopic ever. But even before it released, people started giving their views about this movie.

Jumping a step further, acclaimed movie and theatre star Rajat Kapoor decided to comment on the actor in the movie rather than the movie itself. This is what he tweeted.

#2 People's Reaction

Within minutes, Kapoor had to face the criticism of people because he dared to gave out his honest opinion. No one took his comments under good light.

The reaction of people was shocking. Rajat must have never faced such a backlash from people in his career so far. But the reply that everyone was waiting of was Sushant Singh Rajput's. And mind you, he had a smart reply for Rajat.

Keep reading ahead to see Sushant's reply.

#1 Sushant's Reply

With this reply, Sushant clearly proved that along with being an outstanding actor, he is a very smart person as well. He kept his cool and answered perfectly.

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