O.M.G. How Cute Is This! Aaradhya Bachchan Petting Her Animal Friend With His Great GrandFather...

Blog By diksha  |  29-05-17

Well you would enjoy seeing the relationship of a granddaughter with his grandfather I bet.

#3 The Big B

#3 The Big B

Who doesn't Know this bollywood legend ,yes Mr Amitabh Bachchan.He is been a superstar and still is the most respected and Shehanshah of bollywood.

Well he has played so many different roles which are still fresh in the memories of the people that still makes him the best out of the rest.

And now he has this lovely granddaughter in his house and with her he spends a whole lot of time.

You would be surprised to see these moments of Amitabh with her Granddaughter.

#2 He With His Grand Daughter

#2 He With His Grand Daughter

He spends pretty good time with her and the bonding is seen from the way they are with each other.

And on Sunday's he waves at his fans from Jalsa as a tradition he started practicing long time back to thank them back for so much of love.

Well these two have a great bond together,so this Sunday Amitabh Bachchan asked her little princess to accompany her to visit his fans.

She got a new pet and asked his grandfather something which was really surprising .Keep reading..

#1 The Moment Cherished

#1 The Moment Cherished

She was at first not willing to go ,as she was scared and finally agreed to do so.

She had found a new pet, the street cat whom she named salt and pepper and asked his grandfather to pet her. But Mr Bachchan is not fond of cats so much so disagreed him being petting the cat but did not stop Aradhya from doing so. They do have different taste in pets though.

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