Disappointing Review Of Tubelight Movie From a Hard Core Salman Fan.

Blog By diksha  |  24-06-17

Here we have a Salman fan who is describing about his new release Tubelight in really awful manner.See to yourself.

#4 The Bollywood Ka Bhai

#4 The Bollywood Ka Bhai

We have got such versatile actors from Bollywood that which one is the best is hard to say.Well these actors have played various different roles and set their huge fan following.

Salman Khan is one such actor who's fans eagerly wait for his movie to be released.Say Bajrangi Bhaijan or Sultan have put a huge impact on his fans and have high expectations from him.

Here we have a fan talking about Tubelight movie,what he has to say would shock you.

#3 Movie At Eid

#3 Movie At Eid

Salman Khan has fixed timing of releasing his movie specially on Eid. So people are expecting so much from him every time he releases a movie.

His fans like crazy dress up like him and wait eagerly for the new movie.And here we have the new release Tubelight to which a fan is really angry.

Horrible review by him is given continue reading.

#2 The Disheartened Fan

#2 The Disheartened Fan

This guy who went to see the movie tubelight,after movie was interviewed about the movie to which he gave such terrible reply.

He was waiting for the movie and now he is very disappointed after seeing it.It was not up to the expectations and did not have a good story line. Though only to see Salman he went to see the movie ,there was no wow factor in it like his movies before.

The complete review can be seen in the video next just see to it and you all will know.

#1 The video

You will be surprised to hear and see such review from Bhaijan's fan.

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