Actors Who Couldn't Control Their Emotions During Intimate Scenes.

Blog By Hazel  |  07-11-17

Even after Director Says CUT!

#3 Lose Control.

Gone are the days when Bollywood films are known for dancing and cute romance. Nowadays, intimate scenes have become essential parts of any film.

Although intimate scenes look effortless and cool to watch on screen, people don’t know the struggle behind shooting such scenes.
These actors lose their control on emotions while shooting for these scenes.

#2 Awkward Scenes.

#2 Awkward Scenes.

Watching the chemistry of these romantic couples on big screen gives us chills!

The truth is, sometimes it becomes awkward.

#1 After The Director Says 'Cut'.

#1 After The Director Says 'Cut'.

Here are some examples, where actors got so involved in intimate scenes that they stay in the intimate position even after director says CUT!

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