Attack: Trolls On Sonam Kapoor's Wedding Should Not Be Disclose.

Blog By mariam  |  08-05-18

Twitterati's took this to another level and this should not be spared.

Sonam Kapoor Got Trolled.

Sonam Kapoor Got Trolled.

Sonam Kapoor finally tied knot with Anand Ahuja today. Though many people have anticipated her celebration but at the same time many people trolled her with shameful comments.

People tweeted comments such as @sonamakapoor today you are standing in the line of Anti-Nationals. Not sure what you achieved by shaming "Hindustan". I curse you from bottom of my heart and wish your daughter same spotlight you gave to Kathu girl. #ShameOnSonamKapoor @mrsfunnybones @AnupamPKher Bycot marriage.

Sonam Is A Hypocrite, Said Twitteraties.

Sonam was also called a hypocrite by the twitterarties

Sonam Was Also Called Disrespectful.

Sonam was also called disrespectful and emotionless for getting married inspite of Sridevi's demise.

She Was also Called Gold Digger.

Sonam was also called gold digger by a twitterati.

He Is Rich,Thats The Reason.

A Twitterati also said that she got married to him because he is rich.

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