Women In Banaras Hindu University Are Banned From Studying In The Night. The Reason Will Put You To Shame. Height Of S*XISM

Blog By suhas  |  26-12-16

As a normal human being, this is simply unaccepted. Not cool. This is shameful and we should fight against it.

#3 BHU

#3 BHU

BHU is one of the oldest universities in the country. It has been surrounded by controversies in the past but nothing can be compared with what happened recently.

In this world of Feminism, the importance of BHU because of a few autocratic revelations will be as good as nil. Make sure that you put asleep the hidden feminist in you because it won't be able to take it.

#2 The Reason!

#2 The Reason!

Just so that you know, female students in the university aren't allowed to study at night. Wanna know the reason? Well, according to the Vice-Chancellor of BHU, it is “immoral” for women to study at night.

Mridula Mangalam, a woman studying in BHU (Banaras Hindu University) pointed out the extreme s*xism in their college campus which deprives women of their freedom. The rules and regulations are different for men. They, obviously, aren't suffering at all well because, MEN!

Keep reading ahead to know the rules for women in the university.

#1 So Called Important Rules!

#1 So Called Important Rules!

Read the rules and you'll know the condition of female students in the university. Following are the rules:

1. Women are deprived of many facilities which are easily available to the department of men, in spite of the fact that both the departments live on the same campus.

2. Women have lesser options when it comes to choosing the subjects they wish to study. And in those limited options, the professors aren’t available.

3. Basic security is not provided to the women. In short, there is no security outside the campus.

4. Non-vegetarian food is restricted to the male students. (That’s right, female students cannot eat non-vegetarian food.)

5. Female students are not allowed to make phone calls after 10 PM. If they do, the phone is snatched away and she is branded a “characterless person” instantly.

And guess what, if you try to protest, be ready to get kicked out of the campus! Such is the condition!

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