We Talk About Feminism? This Is The DISGUSTING REALITY Of Women In India. A Delhi Lawyer Beats His Wife For This STUPID Reason!

Blog By suhas  |  26-12-16

I usually don't ask people to share something but I request you to read this and share this to an extent that this influential lawyer gets punished...

#3 The Pathetic Ground reality

#3 The Pathetic Ground reality

No matter how much we keep ranting about the rights of women in our country or the inequality towards women, the reality is that things are not going to change if we don't take a strong step.

The ground reality of women in our country is pathetic. If anything, this incident contributes to the dismay situation of females behind the closed doors in our country.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

So recently, a news channel covered a story where a Lawyer is bashing his wife left, right and center. The video of the entire incident went viral and it looks disgusting.

The incident is from Vasant Kunj locality, Delhi. Here, a very influential lawyer is beating his wife and harming his daughter as well. When you'll find the reason, you'll be disgusted.

Keep reading ahead to know the reason.

#1 The Video

This video is recorded by the brave daughter of this disgusting man while he was busy doing a cowardly thing by hitting his wife. This man calls himself a lawyer and this is how he behaves with his wife for giving birth to HIS SECOND DAUGHTER.

Yes, you read it right. His wife reportedly told the cops that he assaulted them because he did not have a son. She also told news outlets that she has been under similar pressure from her mother-in-law. Checkout this video and share it to an extent that the man gets punished.

Take a look.

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