Watch: You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss The Video When Swami Om Tightly Gets Slapped By A Woman

Blog By rashmi  |  08-01-17

The man gets a much deserved slap right here...

#3 Swami Om

#3 Swami Om

India is a country where Swami's are respected like no one else. They are the representatives of our culture, religion and customs. But one such so called Swami participated in Bigg Boss 10 and defamed all the the other Swami's in the country.

Swami Om is now a household name thanks to all his antics and disgusting acts. The man has enraged people in the country.

#2 The Unneeded Controversy

#2 The Unneeded Controversy

Even before entering the house, the man was in a lot of unneeded controversy thanks to all his ridiculous antics outside the house. The man has never enjoyed a clean image.

He came into limelight after he was called for a live TV Debate. Swami Om and astrologer Deepa Sharma were amongst the panelists and were seen having a heated and noisy argument. What happened next is unforgettable.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

The man got tightly slapped by Deepa Sharma after he allegedly said things about her personal life. He defended and started beating her in return. The show had to be stopped after the ugly fight between the two panelists.

You simply cannot miss the video of this incident, take a look.

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