Watch: This Is What Happens When You Keep The Rs 2000 Note Underwater For 30 Mins. Unbelievable!

Blog By suhas  |  26-12-16

The Result will shock you. The government owes us an answer!

#3 Rs.2000 Notes

#3 Rs.2000 Notes

It seems as if our country is on a month long national holiday right now as everyone is busy exchanging or depositing their old notes. We finally got a new Rs. 2000 note and well, it didn't impress many.

As soon as the note was made public, people started experimenting with the same in order to check the quality that government was providing us with.

#2 The Experiment

#2 The Experiment

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people are doing a lot of experiments with the notes and the one that has captured everyone's attention is the one where a man is washing the note.

Let me tell you one thing, there are more than one flaws in the note when you wash it or wait, does it?. Wanna know the reality?

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 The Result

I am not gonna tell you what happens with the notes and ruin the video for you. You watch it yourself. And after watching, let us know what you feel about this by commenting below.

Checkout the video here.

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