Watch: Sunny Leone Slaps This Bollywood Actor Real Hard In A Mumbai Pub. Shocking!

Blog By suhas  |  27-02-17

This is unbelievable. Sunny loses her calm on this actor...

#3 Sunny Leone

#3 Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has undoubtedly made a special name for herself post her first ever stint in India, an appearance in the reality show Bigg Boss. She's gone a long way since then.

Right from a saucy item number to a full fledged lead role, Sunny is a talent bomb. She's also known to be very calm and polite in real life.

#2 The Controversial Interview

#2 The Controversial Interview

In the past, she has been in a lot of controversies thanks to her past. No one can forget the controversial interview where she was humiliated. But then, she contained herself strongly.

She is a woman of character and therefore, when the video of her slapping a popular Bollywood actor surfaced online, it came as a shock.

Checkout the entire incident ahead.

#1 The Video

Before you reach to any conclusion, let us tell you that the slap was for a shoot and the Actor was Rajnish Duggal. The video is almost a year old where both these stars were shooting for ‘Beiimaan Love’.

The video resurfaced on Internet and we just wanted to bring it back for you guys.

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