Watch: Modi Had An Epic Reaction To Donald Trump Saying 'Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar' In His Latest Speech

Blog By suhas  |  27-10-16

This is Insane. Take a look...

#3 The Next American President?

#3 The Next American President?

The entire world is waiting to see the next President Of USA as it'll have a great impact on every country directly or indirectly. While Donald Trump is a popular choice, we cannot rule out the possibility of Hillary surprising the critics in the final second.

To make sure that nothing of this sort happens in the final minute, Trump is doing every single thing that he can to promote himself.

#2 Just Like Modi...

#2 Just Like Modi...

To boost his chances of becoming the next president of USA, Trump has now decided to woo all the Indians in America. Well, a unique ad has gone viral in which Donald Trump, the Republican Nominee, is trying to impress those American Indians.

Diwali serves a perfect occasion to address each and every single Indian around the world. This is where Trump decided to go Modi way and brand himself up.

Keep reading ahead to see how he did it.

#1 Trump Sarkaar

The video starts with a Diwali wish. Then Trump talks about how he'll be a true friend of Indians and will help India in seeking justice against 26/11 attacks.

Finally, he ends it all by saying "Ab Ki Baar, Trump Sarkar". Just so that you know, when Modi was electing his elections, his go to slogan was "Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar". I am sure our PM must be thinking about all the good conversations he had during his foreign trips to USA. This is why they are important people! Checkout the video.

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