Watch: Alia Bhatt Auditioned For Wake Up Sid And No, It Wasn't Good. Her Worst Performance Ever? Take A Look...

Blog By suhas  |  01-03-17

Alia is amazing now but well, the story was different years ago. Check it out...

#3 Alia Bhatt

#3 Alia Bhatt

When we first saw Alia in Student of the year, she was good, really good for a newcomer. Never did we think that she'll reach where she is right now in practically no time.

From being just another pretty face with influential father and a perfect god father in the industry, she's become a brand of amazing acting skills in the industry. The woman has come a long way...

#2 Previous Audition

#2 Previous Audition

Once upon a time in an interview, Alia stated that she always knew that she wanted to be an actresses. In fact, before she debuted in SOTY, she auditioned for a few other movies.

Wake up Sid was one of them. She was only 16 when she auditioned for this movie. We have that audition for you and no, it isn't as amazing as you might just expect it to be.

Checkout the audition ahead.

#1 The Audition

It'll be wrong to expect the audition to be amazing as Alia was only 16 and most importantly inexperienced back then. So I suggest, sit back and enjoy the audition tape without judging it.

Checkout the video.

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