Viral Video: Playful Monkey Tried Scaring The Kid With His Jumps. Kids Reaction? Hilarious!

Blog By suhas  |  18-01-17

This is so funny. I wish I was a kid.

#3 Our Ancestors

#3 Our Ancestors

They say we were all monkeys once upon a time. Apes precisely. I say if that is true, it is disappointing that we had to turn into humans from Apes or whatever they claim we were.

I've personally had not so very cordial relationship with monkeys. Right from snatching food to blocking my way while I was peddling, monkeys have been troublesome. Having said that, you cannot disagree on this fact that they are damn entertaining.

#2 The Mischievous Monkey

#2 The Mischievous Monkey

If you don't believe me (or if you do) you have to checkout this video which is going viral for all the right reasons. Let us give you little synopsis first.

There's this really mischievous monkey in here. He is trying his level best to somehow involve the little kid in the video in his antics. The reaction of this kid is amazing.

Keep reading ahead to see the reaction of this kid.

#1 The Video

So being a small little kid, he miserably fails to understand the antics of the monkey. Monkey clearly wants to play with him but well, the kid is scared.

You'll have to watch the video to see what happens next. Take a look.

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