Vin Diesel Calls Ranveer Singh Deepika's 'Boyfriend'. Deepika's Reaction? Adorable!

Blog By suhas  |  15-01-17

This is so sweet. Amazing...

#3 XXX: Return of Xander

#3 XXX: Return of Xander

Vin Diesel is in India promoting XXX: Return of Xander Cage with his co-star Depika Padukone. They are going places, they are attending events and visiting chat shows to spread the word.

Just so that you know, the movie is in news in India from a very long time now. In fact, thanks to one individual, the movie became more awaited than most of our Bollywood movies together.

#2 Ranveer's Involvement

#2 Ranveer's Involvement

As soon as Deepika left India to shoot the movie, Ranveer was everywhere with the name of this movie trying to make it popular. Right from stopping a Rickshaw guy mid traffic to constantly tweeting about the movie, Ranveer did everything that he could to promote Deepika's first ever Hollywood venture.

Then came the reports that both of them are not together anymore. The Ranveer-Deepika break reports kinda became the biggest news of the decade. Now something has happened that has made things clearer.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Video

Vin Diesel was talking to Anupama Chopra about Deepika's boyfriend paying him a very nice compliment. Deepika was sitting right there. As soon as Vin spoke about Deepika's boyfriend, her reaction was amazing.

Checkout her reaction.

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